Arnold Classic ROC.  March 2020

** Y8 mixed Epee:

  • Julian Kim earned 5th place

** In DIV2 women’s Epee:

  • Lauren Banks earned  BRONZE 


Laurence Schiller ROC in Atlanta February 2020 


** In DIV1A men’s Epee:

  • Sherif Fayez won the 1st place and GOLD Medal

  • Ethan Kim 5th place finish.


** In DIV 2 women’s Epee:

  • Lauren Banks earned BRONZE 

  • Neha Srinivasa earned BRONZE 

  • Josie James got 6th place


** In Vet. Women’s Epee:

  • Jennifer Vaccaro got BRONZE in her first tournament


** In DIV2 Men’s Epee:

  • Alex XU got 1st place out of 47 and earn the GOLD medal.

  • Charles Leone finished strong in 5th place.

  • Ervin Song got 8th place in his first tournament with Elite!


** In Veteran Men’s Epee:

  • Jeff Kim finished 3rd and earned BRONZE!!


Junior Olympics February 2020 Columbus, Ohio 



** Cadet women Epee:

  • Lauren Benater top 32!! Finished 31 out of 241. 


** Cadet Men’s Epee:

  • Ethan Kim top 16!! Ethan finished 14th out of 333 fencers. 


The Orlando challenge RYC and RJCC. February 2020


** In the junior men’s Epee:

  • Ethan Kim got SILVER

  • Alex Xu got 5th place


** In Junior women’s Epee:

  • Lauren Banks got 7th place


** In Cadet Men’s Epee:

  • Alex Xu got BRONZE and renewed his C19 to C20


** In Y12 men’s Epee:

  • Oliver Xia got 7th place


** In Y12 women’s Epee:

  • Anna Donges got 5th place

  • Ayah Pullen got 6th place


** In cadet women’s Epee:

  • Lucy Bybee got 5th place


** In Y14 men’s Epee:

  • Dylan Kim got 8th place and earned his E20

UGA open 2020 mixed Epee


** Open mixed Epee:

  • Sherif Fayez got his A20 and the GOLD medal

  • Ethan Kim: BRONZE and earned A20

  • Cole Tinsley: 8th and earned B20


** DIV 3 mixed Epee:

  • Miles Gilbreth got BRONZE 



Georgia high school Fencing League Championship (GHSFL) 2019/2020


  • Tyler Cho GOLD medal and becoming GHSFL champion. 

  • Hannah Huang earned SILVER 

  • Josie James (freshman year) earned BRONZE 

  • Ryan Moon: 5th

  • Alex Xu: 6th

  • Sam James: 11th

  • Christian Norman: 13th

  • Justin Yang: 27th

  • Gracie Gilbreth: 5th

  • Neha Srinivasa: 9th

  • Christina lim: 10th

  • Lucy Bybee: 27th


Capitol Clash SYC, RCC , veteran ROC and Y8. January 2020


** In Cadet Men’s Epee:

  • Ethan Kim 3rd out of 133 and earned BRONZE medal missing the final by 1 touch!


Music city RYC& RJCC. November 2019 



** Cadet women’s Epee:

  • Lauren Benater got 5th place


** Junior Men’s Epee:

  • Ethan Kim got Silver medal 


**Y14 women’s Epee 

  • Lucy Bybee got 5th place 


**Y10 Men’s Epee:

  • Nathaniel Nam 5th place.


** Cadet Men’s Epee: 

  • Ethan Kim got Bronze medal


January North American cup Charlotte, North Carolina 2020


** In senior teams Men’s Epee:

  • Elite team got 1st out of 40 strong teams from all over USA and the team earned GOLD


** DIV1 men’s Epee:

  • Ayman Fayez won  GOLD medal


Daugherty Challenge ROC in St. Louis Missouri 


** DIV1A women’s Epee

  • Lauren Banks finished 3rd and earned BRONZE 

** DIV2 women’s Epee

  • Lauren Banks finished 3rd and earned BRONZE


** DIV2 men’s Epee. 

  • Charles Leone finished 3rd and earned BRONZE medal in 


2019 Remenyik RJCC & Open, Northwestern University Ryan Fieldhouse: Evanston, IL.


**Cadet Men’s Epee:

  • Tyler Cho earned BRONZE 


**Junior Men’s Epee

  • Tyler Cho Earned SILVER


Magic City RYC/RJCC. Birmingham. October 2019


** Y14 women’s Epee: 

  •  Josephine James: 6th place

  •  Lucy Bybee: 8th place


** Y12 Men’s Epee : 

  • Oliver Xia after only two months in Epee earned his first regional medal and 6th place.


** Y12 women’s Epee: 

  • Ayah Pullen got BRONZE


** Y14 Men’s Epee: 

  • James Jackson: SILVER 

  • Charles Leone: 5th place

  • Adam Benater: 6th Place


** Junior Men’s Epee:

  • Ethan Kim earned GOLD


** Junior Women’s Epee:

  • Lauren Benater earned GOLD

  • Lauren Banks Earned Bronze also got her new rating D2019


** Cadet Men’s Epee:

- Ethan Kim earned BRONZE 


** Cadet Women’s Epee:

  • Josephine James earned SILVER 

  • Hannah Huang: 5th place

Bruce Fusner Memorial RYC/RJCC September 2019



**Cadet women’s Epee

  • Lauren Benater finished 5th.


** Y12 women’s Epee:

  • Ayah Pullen got 3rd place and earned her Bronze medal.


**Cadet Men’s Epee:

  • Taylor Cho got Silver medal and Ethan Kim got 7th place.


**Junior women’s Epee:

  • Lauren Benater got 2nd place and Silver medal.

  • Josephine James got 8th place.


** Y14 Men’s Epee: 

  •  Adam Benater got 8th place in his first participation in a regional tournament


** Y14 women’s Epee: 

  •  Josephine James got 3rd place and Bronze medal.



2019 Summer Nationals Columbus, Ohio 


** DIV II Women’s Epee:

  • Lauren Benater SILVER medal out of 179 fencers

** Senior Men's Team Epee : 

  • Elite Fencing Academy Team 1 (8th place)


** Div 1 Men’s Epee

  • Michael Shinholster  top 8 (earned bronze medal) out of 205 


Bruce Fusner RYC/RJCC 2019


** Cadet Men's Epee : 

  • Tyler Cho (Silver) & Ethan Kim (7th place)

** Cadet Women's Epee 

  • Lauren Benater (5th place)

** Y14 Women's Epee: 

  • Josephine James (3rd place)

** Junior Women’s Epee:

  • Lauren Benater (Silver)

** Junior Women’s Epee:

  • Josephine James (8th place)


** Y14 Men’s Epee:

  • Adam Benater (8th place) in his first participation in a regional tournament


** Y12 Women's Epee:

  • Ayah Pullen (3rd place)

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