1. How do I sign up? 

There are a couple of ways to sign up. You may fill out a contact form here or email us at info@elitefencingacademy.com or give us a call at 404-500-8285

2. What is the difference between Beginners class and Youth Competitive class?

The main difference between Beginners Class and Youth Competitive Class is the skill level difference. Beginner's class will be very basic where the fencer will learn all the basic fencing skills, movements, and so on. Youth Competitive class will start focusing on more advanced techniques and readying the fencer to enter the competitive fencing level.

3. How much does the beginners class cost? 

For more information about our price schedule and membership fees, please fill out our contact form here. We will be able to get to your inquiry in less than 24 hours. You can always contact us via phone at 404-500-8285 or visit our club!

4. How do I pay?

You may pay all fees and dues via a staff on-duty, in-person with cash, credit card, check, or through our Venmo account @elitefencingacademy. If you are planning to transfer funds to our Venmo, please state fencer's name and the details of the transfer (be as specific as possible). 

5. Do I need to buy equipment the first day of Beginners class? 

There is no need to buy fencing equipment for the Beginners class. We provide all the fencing gear for the Beginners class.


After one-month beginners class and a one-on-one meeting with Head Coach Ahmed, you will need to purchase your own fencing equipment.  We can assist with equipment recommendations and purchase.

6. What comes after the Beginner course?

This depends on your individual preference. Your decision to be a recreational or a competitive fencer should be expressed to the Head Coach during your one-on-one meeting. Whatever decision you make, we will provide you with the classes, coaching, and team to help you succeed and enjoy fencing!

7. Can I come by and observe a class?

Absolutely!  We welcome anyone who is interested in fencing to stop by our club, take a quick tour, and talk to the staff on-duty. If you plan to come by, please call us or email us so we know you are coming by.

8. My child(ren) are not able to attend all the classes during the month and my family will be out of town during this time. can you reschedule/reimburse? 

Unfortunately, we cannot reschedule any missed sessions for the Beginners course.

9. How do I schedule and pay for private lessons? 

All private lessons must be booked and scheduled by the Head Coach. Private lessons are typically booked and scheduled monthly. 

10. Is there an initiation fee?

There is an (re)initiation fee of $95. Each time you decide to put a membership on hold and then continue again, you must pay a re-initiation fee. A separate invoice is sent via email.

All membership payments are due on the 1st of each month. There will be a late penalty after 5 days. 

11. If I have a private lesson and am not able to make it, what should I do? 

Private lessons can be rescheduled for members who have signed up for 8+ private lessons a month. Members may re-schedule a lesson 1 time each month. Members who have signed up for 12+ private lessons per month may reschedule 2 times monthly. Please send us an email or call us 24 hours in advance so we can reschedule your lesson. 


We require a 24 hour advance notice for cancelations of private lessons. Missed lesson are non-reimbursable.


*Please note: We can only reschedule a private lesson within the same month. We can only rollover a lesson if the coach is unavailable for any reason.

12. Do you offer a sibling discount?

We provide sibling discounts for EFA programs only. This includes EFA memberships and EFA camps.

  • We do not provide sibling discounts on EFA merchandise, Summer National Expenses, coaching fees, or private lessons.  

Our Sibling Discount Program breaks down as follows:

  • First child is full price.

  • Second child - 10% discount.

  • Third child - 20% discount, etc. 

    *​If you wish to use sibling discount on memberships, please pay in-person to staff on-duty. We do not take memberships with sibling discounts online at this time. 

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