Head Coach Ahmed Fayez has been coaching since 2008 and has developed and coached successful fencers in both Egypt and the United States. 

Ever since taking up fencing since he was 10, he made epee national team for six years in a row. Fayez received numerous Egyptian national medals. His top international results as a fencer are as follow: 

  • 14th place, FIE World Cup (Egypt, 2006) 

  • 18th place, FIE World Cup (Egypt, 2005) 

  • 15th place, FIE World Cup (Egypt, 2004) 

Since then,  Coach Fayez has found passion and dedication into coaching and cultivating his students into top athletes. As an Egyptian national team coach, he worked with Olympic-level athletes. Some of his students' results include: 

  • 9th place, Dublin Satellite World Cup (2016)

  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, Juniors' Men's Epee, African Championship (Cairo, 2014) 

  • 1st place, Juniors' Women's Epee, African Championship (Cairo, 2014) 

  • 1st place, Juniors' Men's Epee Team, African Championship (Cairo, 2014)

  • 2nd place, Juniors' Men's Epee Individual, FIE World Cup (Kuwait City, 2014) 

  • 3rd place, Juniors' Men's Epee World Cup Teams, FIE World Cup (Kuwait City, 2014) 

  • 9th place, Juniors' Men's Epee Team, FIE World Cup (Bratislava, 2014)

Embracing new challenges and opportunities, Coach Fayez immigrated to the United States in 2015 to continue to spread his accomplishments as a coach to his students. Some of his students' national results include: 

  • 8th place, DIV 1 Men's Epee Individual, Summer Nationals (Columbus, 2019) 

  • Silver Medal, DIV 2 Women's Epee Individual, Summer Nationals (Columbus, 2019) 

  • 6th place, DIV 1A, Men's Epee, NAC, (January 2019) 

  • Bronze Medal, DIV 1 Men's Epee Team, NAC (December 2018) 

  • Bronze and 5th place, DIV 2 Men's Epee, NAC (October 2018) 

  • Bronze, DIV 1 Men's Epee, NAC (January 2018)

  • Bronze Medal, Juniors Men's Epee, Summer Nationals (2018)

  • Bronze Medal, DIV 1A Men's Epee, Summer Nationals (2018) 

  • 5th place, DIV 1 Men's Epee, NAC (December 2017)

  • Silver Medal, DIV 2 Men's Epee, NAC (October 2017)

  • Bronze Medal, Men's Epee Team Event, NAC (January 2016)

  • 5th place, Div 1 Men's Epee, NAC (January, 2016)

Coming from an all fencers' family, fencing runs his blood. Fayez also has two younger brothers: Ayman Fayez, two-times Olympian and held the title of World Cadet Epee Champion for 2008 and Sherif Fayez, held the title of Africa's Cadet Epee Champion for 2011. 

Graduated in 2010, Ahmed Fayez holds a Bachelor's Degree in Pharmaceutical Science from Cairo University. 


  • General Syndicate of Sports Professions Certificate 

  • FIE training course under supervision of fencing master Tavi Zedaro of Romania

  • Trainers workshops organized by Egyptian Fencing Federation 

  • Training course at Institute of Professional Skills (1/24/2009 - 3/9/2009)

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