Gold Class

Designed especially for competitive epee fencers who are aiming to compete at the national level. Fencers will focus on physical preparation, advanced footwork, blade work, and competitive strategies.

Silver Class

This class is for fencers competing at the local & regional level. Fencers work on physical fitness and fencing skills, self-improve offense and defense techniques, and self-enhance distance control.

Bronze Class

Recreational Bronze fencers are welcome to attend open fencing in our state-of-the-art facility 6 days a week.

Competitive Youth

An intense 2-hour class (2 sessions per week) focused on advanced techniques, physical fitness, epee fencing skills & moves for children age 12 and under. This class prepares young fencers for competition in local, regional, and national tournaments.


This course (2 sessions a week) introduces epee fencing to children from ages 6-12, focusing on physical fitness, coordination, and fencing basics.

Private Lessons

Twenty-five minute (15 minutes for beginners), one-on-one, intensive private lessons with our top-level coaches – Internationally recognized Head Coach Ahmed, our Resident Olympian Coach Ayman, and Assistant Coach Sherif.