Swordplay has been around for centuries, dating back from 1190BC. Fencing was included for the first time in the 1896 Olympic Games and has remained on the Olympic Games since then. 

Unlike other sports, fencing focuses on both physical and mental activities, improving one's muscles and brain. 

At Elite Fencing Academy, we focus on giving you a real experience of fencing, making sure you learn all the fundamentals and the skills to become a real fencer. 

Despite of age or level, everyone can begin and achieve success! 

We look forward to helping you make fencing a part of your lifestyle.


The practice drills at Elite Fencing are design to increase the fencer's ability to unite their visual and motor skills.

Our training is laid out to increase our fencers' ability to practice self-control and time management on the strip as well as in everyday life.

Fencing helps to increase alertness and the ability to adapt in different situational bouting.

Provides a healthy environment for competition, rivalry, and sportsmanship, as well as learning failure and be humble winning.

Broadens fencer's cultural awareness and experiences.

Many colleges actively recruit applicants with a fencing background, offering fencing scholarships!

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